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Fibre Optics are back!
Fibre optics stocks have seen moderate levels of volatility in the past few months, mainly due to concerns over China’s demand for fibre optics equipment, in addition to global political climate and tensions with the US government under Trump’s administration.  A few players in this sector remain undervalued and have been seeing steady stock price increase. Two top picks would be Oclaro (OCLR) and Fibranet (FN).  While Fibranet has been seeing steady huge growth in turnover year-over-year, its low valuation and future growth projection makes it a very attractive investment. Oclaro is similarly cheap in relation to the sector but also benefits from high anticipation of a takeover that would value the stock at a minimum of $14, representing a 40% premium over current stock price.

Keep an eye for these two!  Smile
One day after this post, FN sky rockets %15+ . Not bad at all!

46.23 +6.21 (15.52%)
After Hours: 46.25 +0.02 (0.04%)
Jun 26, 5:27PM EDT  
NYSE real-time data[url=http://www.google.com/help/stock_disclaimer.html#realtime][/url]
Currency in USD

Let's wait for OCLR's turn Smile
It's strange how things go in cycles like this.
(08-23-2017, 08:24 AM)Johansen Wrote: It's strange how things go in cycles like this.

Hello Johansen, welcome to the forum Smile

I agree, OCLR has been quite volatile in the last few months, roaming between 8 and 10 dollars almost in a predictive cycle. Many have been making a killing out of this.  FN has also been the same.  I am expecting to hear news about a merger at some point as there are too many small companies for such a small segment.

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