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Trump's tax reforms
There has been a lot of anticipation for Trump's tax reforms since it was announced last week. It seems that many investors are expecting a pop (or a rally) once the details are announced, which seems to be partly priced into the value of stocks already. While as with everything related to the stock market, it is very difficult to predict what is really going to happen, it seems evident that since Trump came into presidency much of the focus has been on improving the economy and benefiting US companies one way or another. 

I guess we'll have to wait and see..
Hi. I think trump will be bad for equities in the long term. relaxing regulations and tax reforms may work in the short term, but eventually will cause worse problems for economy.
Hello and welcome to the forum GaryH Smile

This may well be the case of course! I guess it will become clearer within the next few months.

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